Gravity Guy - A Fun and Thrilling Game

Gravity guy is an action video game that was released in 2010. This game allows both single and multi-player mode. You can easily play this game on your Android, iPad or iPhone. This game is all about flipping between the platform ceilings and the floor. You have to click for changing the gravity, and you have to avoid the obstacles as well. If by mistake you flip late then you will eventually fall and will not be able to flip the gravity.
The game is played with SPACE button only. Press SPACE to change side.

An Overview of Gravity Guy

When the game progresses, the speed will increase, and this is what adds up to the difficulty of the game. The speed will make it difficult for you to flip on time without falling. Shield power-ups will assist you in reaching the level checkpoints. However, you need to be smart enough to save the shield power for the end as well because you will need it.

When you have to flip gravity, then you should either press space or make a left mouse click.
Exploring the different modes of Gravity Guy: Here is an elaboration of the different modes offered by gravity guy. When you have a clear perception of the levels, then it will become easier for you to excel as well.

  • The first one is the run chapter, and it has about 30 checkpoints. The Gravity Trooper chases the gravity guy in this chapter. What you need to do is reach the 30th checkpoint without falling or getting caught.
  • Now the next is the rescue chapter and will add about 29 more levels when the gravity guy can unlock this level.
  • The best part is that you will get access to a practice level as well and in the practice mode you will not be chased by the gravity trooper. This way mapping the levels of the game will become quite easy for you.
  • Next, you move on to gravity guy endless mode. You have to keep running and flipping in the ever changing layout. The hard part is that you will not be able to remember the layout as you can in the first chapter.
  • There is a multimode as well for multiple players if you do not wish to play the game alone. About 4 plays can be a part of the multimode.
Every time you clear a level, a message will be displayed on the screen to confirm this. Your score will also keep on displaying on the screen and will increase as you progress.

Now this game can be a good choice for you if you appreciate games that need continuous focus. Make sure that you explore the practice mode first so that you more familiar with the game and develop a comfort level. The only slight setback of this game is that the graphics could have been better. However, this game is still worth exploring. Do not miss out on this opportunity to have fun and do play this game.